Luna’s Legacy

It’s with the heaviest of hearts that we’re writing this blog post, there will never be a right time to post this…

Last week, on June 8th we welcomed to the world our beautiful baby lion cub, but her little roar wasn’t loud enough to see her through.

We’re empty, numb and overwhelmed with grief & sadness.

We met her, cuddled her, kissed her, slept next to her & said our long, hard goodbyes. The hardest thing we will ever have to do.

The love & happiness she has brought us in her short life is indescribable, that’s something we will never forget & will hold on too forever.

We will never forget you, our first born, our beautiful baby girl, loved so much from the very first moment.

Wherever I am, there’s you. ♡

We love you to the moon & back.

….Little Luna Swancott xxx


The one thing we feel really strongly about is making sure other families feel the love and support that we felt and to know that they’re not alone during such a heartbreaking time. Luna gave us so many happy memories that we never want to forget, from the moment we found out we were pregnant we were over the moon and started planning for her arrival straight away!

I can’t even begin to tell you the love she has given us in such a short space of time. She made our wedding day the most special day to remember. We were secretly 3 months pregnant, then we announced the pregnancy in our speeches! That was one of the best moments of our lives, the love and happiness filled the room, we will cherish that moment forever.


Luna was born just 3 months after our wedding on Friday June 8th. We’ve never felt so many emotions all at one time. Heartbroken, scared, devastated, broken, sick but excited to meet our little girl and give her a big cuddle all at the same time. She was so beautiful, with the tinest little button nose. She had the longest legs & feet (like mine!) and the tiniest little ears, just like Quinns!

I knew in that moment, that we needed to make the most of the short time we had together as a family, we needed to try and cram a lifetime full of memories into just a few hours. We have never felt love like it, our hearts could of literally exploded! We wouldn’t of been able to have had those happy memories without the help of the hospital & the charities.

We’d like to try and help other families, as sadly this is a story so many parents can relate too.

Chosen Charities

4Louis.  They create memory boxes for anyone effected by stillbirth, miscarriage or the death of a baby. Leaving the hospital with empty arms, is possibly one of the most shattering feelings you will ever experience. 4Louis try and make that feeling a little easier, knowing you have memories of your little one to hold onto forever.

Remember my baby. They are a UK based registered charity who have professional photographers volunteering their photography services for the benefit of UK parents losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth.

Cherished Gowns UK. They make special teeny tiny baby clothes for sleeping babies. Their service is provided completely free of charge to anyone that is in the sad position of needing it.

Birmingham Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

Russell’s Hall midwife unit & Bereavement Centre. Especially such special thanks to Bev, Cleo, Tilly, Hannah & Ellisse, all of whom were amazing and made us feel so much more comfortable. These caring staff feel it too, we sometimes forget that they also feel our grief & pain & being a midwife isn’t all about the happy moments.

We want to celebrate & remember Luna’s life forever, she’s our daughter & has left such a big space in our hearts.

We want her to be remembered, talked about and loved, the same as any other baby would.

We want her to make a difference.

Luna’s Legacy. xx


Please share this post to let other parents know they’re not alone. ♡



  1. June 23, 2018 / 10:34 pm

    I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through – I’ve experienced several losses myself, but each was so early on, that I didn’t have to face the things that you have. I’m so sorry you’ve experienced this, but it is such a brave thing to be able to write about it so soon – I’m sending love and hugs xx

    • travelthroughlifehannah
      June 24, 2018 / 6:27 am

      Hey Elanor, thanks so much for your message. Oh that’s so sad to hear, every loss is heartbreaking 😢 I just can’t believe how common it is, every story is different but it’s been so touching to hear other people’s stories and talk to other people who have been through the same pain. It still doesn’t feel real to be honest. Thank you so much for your message, hope you’re holding up ok too 😘

  2. Maya Maceka
    July 7, 2018 / 9:51 pm

    Oh Hannah. I’m so sorry. My heart breaks for you.

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